Innovation Born in Paradise


eHana is an innovative, growing software company founded in Honolulu, Hawaii and now headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Our dedicated employees are unusually devoted to supporting our customers and work hard to make sure they're happy every day. eHana is a 100% independent and founder-owned company.


Quick Facts

  • Founded in September, 2000 in Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Dedicated to a no-pressure, customer-driven sales process
  • 100% Focused on Behavioral Health and Human Services market
  • Responsive and engaged founder/management
  • The name "eHana" comes from the Hawaiian "hana" meaning business or work (it doesn't hurt that "ohana" is Hawaiian for "family" too)

Product Philosophy

  • Design user-friendly systems — the ultimate predictor of successful adoption
  • Eliminate redundancy and double-entry and provide seamless, real-time data flows
  • Provide multiple avenues for staff collaboration and supervision — messaging, scheduling, joint document review & sign-off
  • Deliver a 100% web-based, plugin-free, fully hosted and managed Software as a Service

Working @ eHana

Though eHana has been around for over a decade the company still feels like a startup, with an agile culture optimized around innovation and change. We treat our employees exceptionally well, with great benefits and a comfortable working environment. Sound like the place for you? View our open positions and apply.